How app (I will use imotion) A camera device

How to make a stop motionGather materials (listed later)Make a storyboard (or just do it my way and think of it in your head a couple of times before starting but in design we have to waste time making 3 of everything and end up using the first idea anyways)Set up camera/lights and objects in front of the cameraTake a picture then move the objects a littleRepeat step 3 until satisfiedWhat do I need?A background (a few large pieces of paper stuck with tape should work well)A stop motion app (I will use imotion) A camera device Characters (can be made of anything but decide who has what role beforehand)Hands (ya know, to move the objects of course. Can’t do that without hands)A brain (if you don’t have a brain, you would be dead and therefore would be incapable of moving objects)PropsLightingCamera standWhat is anti bullying?Anti bullying is exactly how it sounds, it is the opposition to bullying. Anti bullying focuses on stopping the act of bullying from terrorizing the lives of thousands. How does it help?It stops bullying (well, it makes an effort to anyways. Doesn’t always stop it.) Bullying must be stopped because it’s bad. Anti bullying people and websites can make protests against bullying and help change how many people are bullied. What is bullying?Bullying is the act of a strong person to torment and mess with a person of weaker mental, social or physical status. Finding a weak person allows the bully to feel as though they are at the top and cannot be stopped, the victim will usually have trouble fighting back against the bully as they are the weak one. Each and every bully has different methods and tactics, so it’s hard to make a defined set of rules as to how to stand up against them. Bullying comes in a few forms; mental, physical, social and cyberbullying. Below I will cover each form and what it does and how it works.Mental bullying; In this form a bully won’t hurt the victim with their physical strength, instead they will find weak points and triggers in the victim’s mind. They might use a bad experience and remind the victim of it to hurt them, they could also call them rude names and tell them horrible things to hurt them further. Physical bullying; In this form a bully will use their true strength against a weak person by beating them with objects, fists or legs. They can throw things at them, force them against walls roughly or just hit them repeatedly. This causes obvious and physical damage which can be used as evidence against the bully.Cyberbullying; This form takes place over the internet, while teachers, videos and books talk about this as though it’s absolutely horrible and while it can be if it’s millions of people hating on one but if it’s simply one on one, I find that it’s not really an issue as it’s pretty rare if you’re careful of how you present your opinions, and if it does happen, social media allows you to simply block and delete comments so i don’t think it’s that big of an issue. Where it does become and issue is when a large person who is very well known does something stupid by mistake and thousands, maybe millions, send hate to them, that’s a situation where you simply can’t block all the hate. Social bullying; Social bullying is very secret, the person may not even know they are being bullied. This form of bullying includes rumors and encouraging others to dislike the victim. The bully can spread a false or true rumor about the person without them knowing and let other bully the person for them, that way the bully can’t be traced back easily and will avoid getting in trouble. They can say untrue things about the victim and tell others to stay away, this way the person isn’t directly bullied and can’t tell anyone due to no evidence, they will be alone and sad and never know why. How to prevent bullyingThere is really only one true way to stop bullying all together, it’s up to how children are raised, if the child was raised in a negative and abusive household without feeling proper love, they may resort to taking their anger out on others, thinking it’s ok to do, but it’s not. Schools can help out as well by stopping and appropriately punishing bullies before it gets too serious. We can’t stop the bullies that already exist but they can be punished until they eventually die off like an extinct species, leaving a strong new generation of non bullies. Of course this is only a fantasy right now but it is a good goal to try and achieve.How to deal with bullies if you are the victimIf you are being bullied, here are some general tips to do that cover every type of bullying.Physical; the only thing you can do is call the police if it causes permanent damage, if it’s just some slapping then tell an adult who is RESPONSIBLE and POWERFUL they will be able to helpMental; tell someone responsible and explain what was said to youSocial; You have to know that someone is talking bad about you to be able to stop them. It will be hard to track down the bully but you can try and get close, trusted friends or an adult to help you.Cyberbullying; generally this is very minor and only happens by a few people, it’s very easy to just block them and report their comments.


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