Information (ORCA) a piece of software developed by U.S.

Information gathered through standard military operations and through internet platforms can be put to varied use 6 Military departments are using big data techniques used by businesses to mine databases and collect more information from different data sources- like from terrorist databases, automated cyber security systems, drones. Despite of helping war fighters on the battlefield, this technology will improve different fields ranging from software development to vehicle maintenance. 5Organizational, Relationship and Contact Analyzer (ORCA) a piece of software developed by U.S. Military Academy at West Point that attempts to make sense of big data. It is used in intelligence analysis for law enforcement operations against the network of violent street insurgents using algorithmic techniques in social network analysis. This software can determine a set of influential individuals, “degree of membership” for individuals who do not admit to being part of a street gang, and criminal ecosystems by bifurcating gangs into sub-groups. 6 Conditioned-based Maintenance (CBM): The US Air Force officials, data scientists, and other personnel are saving $1.5 million in one year by combining advanced data-handling and analytics tools, both software and hardware solutions, to streamline workflows, increase productivity and efficiencies, and replace scheduled/time-based maintenance track and manage assets, with conditioned-based maintenance (CBM). Specifically, Air Force officials chose to use Teradata’s Aster platform to better manage Aircraft depot data, Inventory and Flight line maintenance. 7 Commanders have to manage and control big data environment comprising of, transactional data, unpredictable pattern of data, historical or point-in-time data, optimized and ad-hoc use of the system and data for inquiry in order to understand and react in to real time tactical situations. With the initiation of unmanned vehicles with sensors, the military has been collecting huge amount of data at humongous levels. They need dedicated data scientists and innovative software tools to use the extracted information for mission planning. Under a program called Nexus 7, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has sent in data scientists and visualizers in Afghanistan. They assisted commanders in solving operational challenges through operating directly with military units. 


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