Sahana.N Negative Effects On One’s Life From Substance Abuse

Sahana.N  Negative Effects On One’s Life From Substance Abuse Substance abuse refers to the use of a drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or others.  Things that are usually associated with substance abuse include prescription drugs, alcohol, cocaine, etc. Substance abuse can affect one’s mind and body, leading to diseases and possible even death. There are many negative effects associated with substance abuse and three of them will be discussed in this text. The three negative effects on one’s life from substance abuse is their health, education, and relationships with others. Firstly, substance abuse can have both short term and long term effects on someone’s health, it can be short term and long term. Examples of long term effects include diseases such as stroke, cancer, mental disorders, etc. These can be caused by the addiction and the amount of drugs you take on a daily basis. This shows that substance abuse can result in these different diseases and illnesses, which means it’s always safe to stay away from it. An example of a short term affect is mood disorder. Many abusers may feel depressed, sad, restless, tired,  have racing thoughts, etc. Mood disorder can be linked abusing drugs such as cocaine, methadone, etc.Drug use can negatively affect someone’s education. Many teenagers now tend to take drugs, and this affects the way your brain processes, stores information, and how you think, learn, remember, focus, and concentrate. This is very important because your brains are still developing, and this would be risk taking behaviour which would also affect your education. It is known that teengers who abuse drugs have lower grades, more absences from school, and increased dropout rates. For instance, students who smoke marijuana tend to get lower grades and are most likely to drop out of school because it affects your memory, attention and ability to learn. This shows that substance abuse can also affect your education severely, and the best thing to do, is to not do it. It is important that people get the help they need to stop, before it has long life consequences.The last negative effect that will be discussed in this text is the relationships someone has with other people. All type of relationships such as family, friendships, and romantic relationships can be put under strain when someone becomes addicted. In this case, they might start lying about where they are, who they are with, why they are behaving differently, why money is missing etc. Why? They might think others will never understand or accept the situation. Another problem is having trust. Trust issues also come into play once their loved ones experience a lack of respect, honesty, and loyalty. This is how relationships can be affected once someone starts getting addicted. In conclusion, substance abuse is harmful and can affect one’s mind, body and relationships. Most people choose to do use drugs because it is “cool”, but what is cool? Having problems with relationships, having diseases, dropping out of school, and failing in your future. Substance abuse has many issues and negative effects but people still choose to do it. There needs to be more education around the issue, and resources for people to get help.


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