The created problems with the unjust treatment of workers,

Market Revolution or the industrialization of America had a great impact on the
lives of women, labor unions and sectional divided within the North and South
which later lead to many other problems. With the passing of the Embargo Act
the north couldn’t trade with Europe and had to produce their own goods. This
brought on the Market revolution which introduced  many factories in the North and a need for
workers. This created problems with the unjust treatment of workers, and the
sectional divide between the Industrial North and the Agricultural South. With the start of of factories and the production of raw
goods in the North , many women and children fell prey to hard working

            With Industrialization many things
were impacted and one of those were women’s lives and rights. During the 1800s
and before the ideal woman was to stay home whilst the man went to work. They
were completely controlled by the men of their lives. Their sole purpose in
life was to find a husband to have children with  to further the generations and to serve him
for the rest of their lives.They aren’t educated and educated females were
minimal . If they are to stay single they were ridiculed and humiliated by
others. But with this it brought on ideas that women should be educated since
they were the ones who would stay home and ” train ” their children. As a
result women started to educate themselves to better their lives and the
futures of their children and because of this female only schools were
made.These were created to better educate women so they could be better in a
home environment. The Industrialization also brought on many Reform ideas and
one was Women’s rights. In 1848, at the Seneca Falls Convention, the women’s
rights movement led by Elizabeth Stanton wrote out a document called
“Declaration of Sentiments”. The document listed the rights such as  economic, political, and social grievances,
that women were not allowed to have such own property and earned less money
than men. The 1800’s led to the birth of women’s suffrage movement and women
started to take part in reform movements like abolitionist of slavery. These
activities done by women in the years after the 1800s resulted in Women having
more rights and women finally gaining the right to vote in the 1920s. The 19th
Amendment gave women the right to vote and completed one of the goals of the
Women’s suffrage movement who is still fighting today for equal pay between men
and women.

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            With industrialization came the
factories and new inventions in the North. Factories needed workers, who were
poor immigrants, women, and children  who
worked long hours for little pay which wasn’t enough to pay their bills. The
working conditions in the factories, mills and mines are horrible and workers
had no rights. The Government took no interest in building a better environment
for the safety of the workers or put in safety standards and rules on how
workers were to be treated. They worked under dangerous conditions for little
pay and sometimes the women and children got paid less than the men working who
are doing the same job. Many workers were poor immigrants who had little choice
but to keep working despite the conditions and if they are to complain they
would be fired and replaced. The first labor unions formed in small local
towns. They organized strikes and negotiated with their employers for better
working conditions and pay. This wasn’t always peaceful and when the employed
tried replacing their workers they fought back against him. In some cases it
got so violent that the government had to intervene. Labour unions helped spread the balance of power more
evenly so that labourers could bargain for more rights such as more pay and
better working conditions. These really impacted our futures because of these
labor unions and their civil disobedience to the horrid conditions we have
things like set minimum wage, living wage standards, maximum hours worked, etc.

Whether it was fighting for better working conditions or better pay the things
that fueled the Labor Unions back then have an impact on jobs today and help us
work in better conditions than the immigrants before us.

            Industrialization from
1800s and onward affected the North and South the most. It further increased
Sectionalism between them While the North became industrialized the South
stayed the same. In the North the Market revolution had started and the economy
was booing. They’re we’re technology and transportation improvements. The
population was increasing greatly such as Irish and German immigrants. This helped
the growth of cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia. The North had
factories which were producing their own goods using raw goods from the South.

There was a boom in inventions and things such as interchangeable parts, and
the telegraph were invented. There was also a Transportation  revolution taking place. The steamboat was
developed in 1807 which ade transportation by sea faster and cheaper. Turnpikes
such as the Cumberland Road were built and also the Erie canal was built which
linked the Great Lakes with the Hudson river. Railroads were being built
towards the west which were faster,more reliable and cheaper than canals. The
South economy was staying the same however. The cotton gin was built by Eli
Whitney which made picking cotton easier but created a huge demand for slaves.

The south started producing cotton immensely which fueled the Northern
factories with raw materials for manufacturing. While the North was
Industrializing the South was set in their old ways and increasing their slave
populations immensely to fuel their cotton


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