The TSN with determination coefficients (r2) of 0.426 (at

coefficient of variation (CV), standard deviation, and basic statistical
parameters of mean, range, minimum and maximum are shown in Table 1. The
average SOC and TSN concentration in the study area were 17.74 g kg-1 and
2.31g kg-1 respectively. Both the moderate CV 26.21% and 23.32 % could
be linked to uniform land use pattern, and/or soil erosion.


Correlation between SOC and TSN with
the environmental variables

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SOC and TSN showed a negative correlation with the elevation (Table 2). This
indicates that the concentration of both SOC and TSN deceases with the
elevation. Similar, correlation was observed with the slope which is an
important soil erosion factor. This reveals that greater the slope more intense
is the soil erosion which results in decrease in SOC and TSN concentrations.

or no correlation of SOC and TSN was observed with CTI, SPI or STI. Correlation
of average SOC and TSN content along the elevation with NDVI was also analyzed
and found to be significant (r2 = 0.673, p Cedrus
deodara > Abies pindrow. This suggests that vegetation
type had a significant impact on spatial SOC and TSN patterns. Similar, trend
was observed by Peng et al., 2013 and Garcia et al 2016.

differences in SOC and TSN in varying vegetation types were observed


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